How to Find Your Perfect Golf Coach

If you have decided to take up golf, you may be tempted to learn the game by yourself at first.  While this could be an enjoyable process for some, it can also be a frustrating exercise.  Small tricks of the trade could make the learning process a lot easier and vastly improve your game, and while you struggle on by yourself it, could take you a long time to figure out the little things that a good golf coach would be only too willing to teach you.

In other cases, those who are already quite advanced in the game may need some expert coaching to help them improve their game or just to tweak small aspects of their play in order to perform better on the course.  A good golf coach can get the job done and they often have a lot more to teach than most advanced players imagine! 

While it is great to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of an experienced player, it could sometime be difficult to find a golf coach that is perfect for you.  Different people have different styles of play and different ways of communicating, and sometimes even a small difference in character or teaching style can make a huge difference to the tempo at which learning takes place.  But there are a few things you can look out for when trying to find the perfect golf coach for you.

Discovering the Guru

While there are many ways to find your ideal coach, referrals remain one of the best.  People who have been coached by a particular coach can tell you more about their teaching style, the type of game they teach and their personalities.  Chances are that if one of your best friends or golf buddies really loves the coach, you will too. 

Level of Play is Important

While some coaches are great at teaching novices, it takes a particular skill to teach advanced players who want to improve their game.  Ensure that you are pitching your search at the right level and ask around for a coach who is particularly oriented towards coaching within your level of expertise.

Don’t Be Afraid to Interview

Make an appointment with the coach first before paying for a lesson.  If you employ someone to work in your office, look after your children or train your dog, you will undoubtedly want to know more about them and their expertise before just handing over your money, so you will conduct some sort of interview.  The same applies to your golf coach.  If the coach is committed to teaching people how to play, he/she will be willing to speak to you beforehand.  Those who are not willing to sit down and discuss your golfing profile and your particular requirements beforehand are often not worth the effort.

Set Goals and Objectives

While in discussion with the coach, they must be willing to set achievable goals with you in order to ensure that you get what you pay for.  It does sometimes take longer to learn a particular skill than originally envisaged, but at the very least you should have some kind of framework to work from and to measure your progress.  A great coach will be able to assess your skill levels and work out some objectives to achieve within certain timeframes.  This will give you a measurable objective than you can work with.  If no goals have been achieved within the first five lessons, you have to ask yourself why this has happened.  If no good reasons can be found, it may be time to find another coach who is more suited to what you need to learn.

If you need more information about finding your ideal golf coach, you can contact our team of golf experts.  We teach at every level and are committed to helping you improve your game.  If it is good golf coaches you are looking for, contact us today!