Online Golf Bookings to improve your Game like PGA Professionals       

During the 15th century golf was invented and first played in Scotland. The game fast became popular and spread to England and then around the globe. The first golf club was founded in Scotland in 1744 and not much later the first approved rules were officiated. In 1916 the PGA was formed in the USA and from then onwards golf became a very popular sport which still today draws huge crowds when tournaments are played, not to mention the amount of amateur golfers who play golf on a daily basis. As such, there are ways you can improve your golfing skills and online golf bookings are available for beginners hoping to do exactly the same.

The Basics of Golf

This is an individual sport where one requires golf clubs and a ball. Almost all golfers use multiple golf clubs of which each are specialised for different shots. The objective behind golf is to hit the ball with a club from a tee into a hole and to get the ball into a hole with the least number of strokes or swings of your club. Golf is enjoyed by people of all ages and is often played competitively, although it can also be played for relaxation or socially.

The Advantage of Online Golf Bookings

Online golf bookings will team you up with one of our registered PGA golf professionals who will teach learners the correct alignment, grip, posture and golf swing are important to every shot played in golf.  All depending on your hand size and sports abilities, you will be taught either the baseball grip, interlocking or overlapping grip. Golfers that have a good ball striking ability have a good club position at impact and a powerful swing velocity.

For those of you that would like to take the sport more seriously, sign up for professional instructions online. Our instructors will teach you various types of standard shots, fairway shots, chipping, sand shots, driving, putting and different approaches. It is rare that a golfer can improve their game just by practicing and playing often. Using a driving range may help, but you will have to self-assess if you are doing the right or wrong thing.

What You Can Learn from Advanced Online Booking Instructions

Advanced instructions online teach techniques that include ball stropping and spinning, controlling the shape of the shot, trouble shoots that include hitting the ball out of the woods, playing off side hills or uneven ground, and controlling loft. For beginner golfers, consistent practice sessions are important. In addition, players also need to have a full understanding of how to practice and what they are trying to do.

Advanced instructions may include classroom sessions, physical conditioning, driving range instructions, on course play, mental visualisation, club fitting and you will also have the option to review the different swings in slow motion on videotape. One can also arrange private lessons with a PGA professional and you have the option to plan a golf instruction vacation.

Learn to Play Like PGA Professionals

You can improve your game by booking a lesson with one of the PGA professionals online registered with us. Moreover, you will receive notes after each lesson is completed which can be reviewed at a later date. A reminder via SMS will be sent to you the day before your upcoming lesson. Online golf bookings allow you to book, reschedule or cancel a lesson, and you are able to sync your lessons with other appointments using a MS Outlook feature.